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 Rules / Règlement

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Famille de Castellbo
Famille de Castellbo

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MessageSujet: Rules / Règlement   2nd Septembre 2011, 13:10

The Earl of Eglinton had decided to send his proposition to the King Rothar finalized time.
He thus took its feather and drafted some lines which he sent to this last one with his proposition of creation of an Order of French-Scottish Chivalry.

He had already received some supports but wanted to have above all the approval of his King and his official seal...

Citation :


as you know I cross seas since indeed for a long time already in the service of the Kingdom of Scotland. You know that two of our boats have just been poured recently in South Seas.

So it seemed to us that it was convenient to organize us within an Order of Chivalry, this to help us with some French and Scottish friends and serve so the interests of the Kingdom of Scotland.

I thus send you the Charter that we drafted for this Order, by hoping that you will there want to become the first Great Master but also that you give us the authorization by officializing the Order to organize us with your seal.

This Royal Order could so become the beginning of the implementation of a Scottish Admiralty and serve the interests of our two Duchies and his population.

I thank you in advance for all the attention which you will carry to this project.

Romain de Saint-Clair
"Albany" Herald of Arms
Scottish Ambassador
Earl of Eglinton, Castellan of Caerlaverock
Baron de Pouancé, Seigneur de Sainte Gemme

Citation :

The Royal Order of the Auld Alliance / Scottish Guards

Scottish warriors were believed to have fought for Charlemagne and later in the Armies of Charles the Simple in 882. It was not however, until 1295 and the agreements that would become known as the Auld Alliance, that there was much documentary evidence of French soldiery in Scotland or Scottish soldiery in France. From the outset of the Hundred Years War, there were Scottish companies officially fighting for Philip IV of France. At the Battle of Poitiers, the 1st Earl of Douglas and the future 3rd Earl of Douglas fought for John II, where the future 3rd Earl was captured along with many Scottish Knights, notwithstanding the French King himself. In the 1360s there are Scotsmen to be found in the army of Bertrand du Guesclin.

The Garde Écossaise (Scottish Guard) was an elite Scottish military unit founded in 1418 by the Valois Charles VII of France, to be personal bodyguards to the French monarchy.
They were assimilated into the Maison du Roi and later formed the first Company of the Garde du Corps du Roi (Life Guards)

Missions :
- Serve the alliance between France and Scotland by the military, diplomatic, commercial and naval mutual aid.

- Servir l'alliance entre la France et l'Ecosse par l'entraide militaire, diplomatique, commerciale et navale.

Citation :
Ranks of the Order / Rangs de l'Ordre :

Scottish Guards / Gardes Ecossais :

The Scottish Guards are the new members of the Order, they are in formation. They must be necessarily sponsored by a member of the Order.
Their missions consist in accompanying King in his movements and in assuring the safety of the royal family. They remain nevertheless discreet and intervene only in case of evident danger.
They can also serve on the ships of the Order.

Les gardes sont les nouveaux membres de l'Ordre, ils sont en formation. Ils doivent être obligatoirement parrainés par un membre de l'Ordre.

Leurs missions consistent à accompagner le Roi dans ses déplacements et à assurer la sécurité de la famille royale. Ils restent néanmoins discrets et n'interviennent qu'en cas de danger évident.
Ils peuvent aussi servir sur les navires de l'Ordre.

IG required knowledge : level 1 - Strong : more than 20 pts

Sergents :

They are recruiters for the Order. They are anxious to recruit in inn or in the army some new elements for the Order.
They are elite soldiers. On ships they watch that every crew member has enough food and goes back up in the ship in due course.

Ce sont des recruteurs pour l'Ordre. Ils sont tenus de recruter en taverne ou dans l'armée de nouveaux éléments pour l'Ordre. Ce sont des soldats d'élite. Sur les navires ils veillent à ce que chaque membre d'équipage ait assez de nourriture et remonte dans le navire en temps et en heure.
IG required knowledge : level 2 - Strong : more than 50 pts

Lieutnants :

They are junior officers. They manage the operations of protection or escort. On ships they can replace the Captain in case of retreat.

Ce sont des officiers subalternes. Ils dirigent les opérations de protection ou d'escorte. Sur les navires ils peuvent remplacer le Capitaine en cas de retraite.
IG required knowledge : level 2 - Skills :
Basic Seafaring
Advanced Seafaring

Captains :

Commanders of an armed group or a ship, they are servicemen specialized in the techniques of fight as well as in the navigation.

Commandants d'un groupe armé ou d'un navire, ce sont des militaires aguérris aux techniques de combat et à la navigation.
IG required knowledge : level 2 - Skills :
Basic Seafaring
Advanced Seafaring
Basic Naval Engineering
Advanced Naval Engineering
Expert Seafaring

Squires / Ecuyers :

The Squires serve a Knight and are anxious to live nobly. The Squires of the Order aim of future of the Knights.

Les Écuyers servent un Chevalier et sont tenus de vivre noblement. Les Écuyers de l'Ordre ont pour but de devenir des Chevaliers.

Knights / Chevaliers :

Warriors of elite of the Order or Shipowners, they obey scrupulously the rules of the Chivalry. They are in the service of the Kingdom and of its interests wherever they are.

Guerriers d'élite de l'Ordre ou Armateurs, ils obéissent scrupuleusement aux règles de la Chevalerie. Ils sont au service du Royaume et de ses intérêts où qu'ils se trouvent.

Conditions to become Knight :
Conditions pour devenir Chevalier :
- Be of Scottish or French origin
- être d'origine Ecossaise ou Française
- Be member of a noble family
- être membre d'une noble famille
- Be Squire for at least 3 months
- être Ecuyer depuis au moins 3 mois
- Have at least 200 points of strength
- avoir au moins 200 points de force

Process / Processus :
1) A request must be made by a Knight of the Order and validated by the Great Master.
1) Une demande doit être effectuée par un autre Chevalier de l'Ordre et validée par le Grand Maître
2) After validation the future Knight confides his money to the Order (500 pounds) to help in the missions of escorts and war.
2) Après validation le futur Chevalier confie son argent à l'Ordre (500 écus) afin d'aider aux missions d'escortes et de guerre.
3) The Knight pronounces his oath of loyalty then is knighted
3) Le Chevalier prononce son serment de fidélité puis est adoubé

Seals :


Citation :
The Code

A Knight of the Scottish Guard is Brave, Charitable, Honourable, and Just.
A knight exists for the welfare of the poor and downtrodden, and the defence of the realm.
A knight will protect the weak without thought of compensation.
A knight honours his peerage with word and deed.
Cowardice and cravenness are the basest of dishonours.
A knight will be merciful in victory, and noble in defeat.
A knight will care for his patronages as they are the measure of his honour, value, and respect among the peerage.
Citation :
The Oath

I shall obey the laws of Scotland and France and honour my peerage.
I shall defend the realm, its lands, King and people.
I dedicate myself to the noble pursuit of Preference.
I pledge myself to support of my Presidence.
I dedicate myself to the persecution and cessation of Attainder.
I pledge myself to the protection of the weak.
I dedicate myself to the cause of Good and the fight against Evil and Injustice.
Citation :
Forum of the Royal Order :

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Famille de Castellbo
Famille de Castellbo

Nombre de messages : 1180
Ville/Town : Barcelone
Date d'inscription : 06/04/2007

MessageSujet: Re: Rules / Règlement   11th Septembre 2011, 12:06

Rothar a écrit:
Very good Romain, I commend you in your diligence faith in your king I'd also like to add that
you have gone to a great effort in seeing this come to fruition.

I do decree the creation and formation of a Royal Order and the creation of the Royal Navy and Army
and the creation of Royal Lord/Lady Scottish Admiralty position to oversee the Royal Navy.
It would be both wonderful to have both locally for scotland, and in abroad over in France.

HRH Rothar I,
King of Scotland

10 September 1459

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Rules / Règlement
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